Bolivian Girl in a nice dress looking for a boyfriend
Bolivian Girl

Bolivian Girl – Alicia

HI! I am a Single Bolivian Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I am Alicia and I live in a smaller city in Bolivia.

So, Just now my body is feeling crazy and the heart is beating hard and it tickles in my body. I must be a bit Crazy to try this and my photo I really hope you love it.

So, I am a Bolivian Girl that love to be with my family. I love the slow life and I am, not a party Girl that just drink and party.

But on the photo is just a family party that I was on. I love to party but I don’t like drunk people that fight and screaming I hate that.

What I love to do is cook food and be with my family and read books. I love Books and I love fantasy and romance books.

I also, have dreams to travel but it has not been long trips but I been in La Paz 2 times but I never fly in an Airplane.

So, If you want me to be your Bolivian Girlfriend you must come and get me in Bolivia and you must come and see my family before I go to you.

But for now, I just hope we can talk and see what happen in the future. I will not waste your time and I will be honest and open with you.

Also, I hope you will be the same and be open and tell me if you date some other Bolivian Girls I can understand it. but later I hope you only have me. Hug Alicia


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