Bolivian Girl
Bolivian Girl

Bolivian Girl – Raquel

HI! I am a single Bolivian Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend. I find Latina Single Cupid last night and I find a list of Latina dating sites.

So, last night I open 2 profiles that I find on this web site. I don’t know what is best. But I hope is a way to give me the best chance to meet my husband.

So, I am a Bolivian Girl that work in a pharmacy and sometimes I do some small model jobs for my friend Is most just for fun.

I don’t think I am a hot sexy Bolivian Girl is many more that is more sexy. But I think is okay and I am happy about my body.

So, Wath more can I tell you. I have 3 younger sisters that I try to be good too. I wish they go to school like me.

I was lucky My uncle let me go to school so I can be a pharmacist. My dream is to have my oven shop in the future.

So, Looking for an American man but I am open to meet other guys from other countries. But I think is most American I see in my shop.

Also, I like to find a man that is calm and safe in himself. He must love Latina people and travel in Bolivia.

I also, hope you are fun and like to joke and be fun. If you are this man and more I hope you try to contact me. Hug Raquel


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