Brazilian Girl

Brazilian Girl – Emanuelly

HI! Guys, I am a Brazilian Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. I am a Brazilian Girl that try to find love and a good guy that I can love.

So, I am a Brazilian Girl that love water sports Like diving and Surfing. So, If you want to dive with me I know many great places to dive.

But I also love Surfing in the big wave’s and if you are into that. Surfing is a new sport for me I just been doing it for the last 3 -4 years.

I love the big waves and the power in the sea is a bit scaring some time. But it gives me that rush that I love I can not say it in another way.

So, I hope you are like me a bit crazy but love to live the life to 100%. Live to live with the nature and just be happy.

But I Also love cooking food and have friends over to a small party. So, I love to make people happy and make them feel good.

I am a Brazilian Girl that love to talk to my friends about life, good things and bad things. I love to listen to people that have problem

But one thing I really missing is to give my love to a man. Also, I hope I can find a man that I can talk to and do all the fun stuff with that I not tell you about.

I have many good secrets that I just want to tell you and only you. That man that send me a message and want to meet me and wish that I am his Brazilian Girlfriend.

So, If you believe in love? Send me a message and come and talk about me and you. Dreams, Brazilian food, Life on the beach, and many more think. Hug Emanuelly


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