Brazilian Girl On The Beach
Brazilian Girl

Brazilian Girl On The Beach

HI! Guys, I am a Brazilian Girl On The Beach and I hope you love my Beach photo. I come here to find a boyfriend a Husband so let me start as the Brazilian Girl On The Beach.

So, I love to be on the beach and I love to show up my body and my boobs. We have this nude beach that you can around free and let the wind cooled your body.

Also, I love my life but I wish I have a boyfriend, that I can have fun with and is open to nude life. I have a small travel company and I sell Tickets.

I meet many new people from America and Europe and I like guys from their countries they are fun and nice to talk to and I talk English too.

So, I am looking for a guy that has dreams about travel and life on the sea. A small family and a big Sailboat or catamaran maybe we can sale tourists around the coastline.

Also, I have money on my bank and when we see that all feels right and we can have a long time relationship we can take the next step.

We ca buy Sailboat start over our dream life. I have the experience after living on a Sailboat for 5 years with my stepdad and my mom.

Ha Ha Ha they kick me out when they buy an older catamaran last year. My Mom says is time time to get a good European guy but I not sure.

My stepdad is a German guy he is nice to me and my mom. Also, My real dad is history I never meet him my mom says he finds a new girl and left us.

So, Do you love my body and my boobs? I think is a good start and I hope you have dreams and dreams about a Brazilian Girlfriend? contact me, Emma


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