Chilean Girl looking for love
Chilean Girl

Chilean Girl – Camila

HI! I am a Chilean Girl and I have a dream to meet a Romantic American man. So, I am a Chilean Girl and my name is Camila.

I love the beach and I spend a lot of time in the sun. I am a Chilean Girl that love diving so I do that as much as I can.

So, I love diving with sharks, I have a good that does this and sometimes he let me follow him on his bout when he has tourist that want to dive.

One time I see a real big shark swimming around us. It’s was a great white shark is was so big and was slowly looking on us before he goes away.

My friend says it happen some time but that they just look and swim away if you don’t swim fast like prey or like this.

The days he takes me out on his bout I help him with cooking. I love cooking and I love the sea and also I love the fresh wind.

I looking for a Guy maybe an American Guy that love the Sea and diving like me. A man that loves to travel and that is open and fun.

You maybe want me to move to America. But I hope you have a plan so we can spend some time in Chile too and so I can be with my family a bit.

My dream is that my Boyfriend will understand me and ready to let my family come into his life too. I know them all and they have a big heart.

Also, In time you will be a part of my family. Are you a single guy? and want to meet me and see if we can find love. Hug Camila


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