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Chilean Girl – Carolina

HI! I am Carolina a Chilean Girl that looking for a boyfriend and a future Husband. So, I was looking around and I find a lot of Latina Dating sites.

But nothing like this so I want to try I also see some ads from one of the dating sites that I try for Latina Girls like m

But I am ready to do my story here on Latina Single Cupid. I love this place that has space for us Latina Girls.

So, I feel happy and I hope you have time to post my story. But I just forget about me I hope you love my photo is a good start.

So, I am a good Single Chilean Girl and my name is Carolina. Also, I love my name is a family name so it means a lot to me.

I work with children and I love the speed and they are so fun to be around. But I hope I can find a man and in time I will have my own family.

So, I looking for a man that loves children and loves to meet a Single Latina Girl like me. A man that maybe is lonely in a house?

That believe in the lord and that wish to build a family. I don’t like to play games and I hope you feel the same as me.

So, I meet some guys that believe it’s a game and I feel bad. I also know Girls do the same and it makes me angry and I don’t like it.

But for me I really want it to be forever like my mom and dad and maybe your family has the same believe that love is forever. Hug Carolina


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