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Colombian Girl

Colombian Girl – Daniela

Hi! I am Daniela a Colombian Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend from Europe or America. So, I am a Colombia Girl that lives in Bogota.

So, My name is Daniela and I am the oldest in my family. I have 3 sisters that I love. But I don’t like Colombians guys so my dream is to find a good man online.

So, I am a Colombian girl that works in a hair and nail salon. So, I love to help Girls fix the nails. But just now I don’t have the power to fix my nails.

I know It’s crazy but I just paint it red and keep it nice. So, that is my life when I work. But in my free time, I love to travel.

Also, I love the sea and the beach. I have been to Castillogrande, I love the beach and if you want to come and meet me maybe we can go week to this place.

So, we can get to know each other and just have fun together. I love seafood and I hope you do too. I love the small home party with my friends.

But also just be with my family and cook some good Colombian food that we can eat together. I hope this story will give me a new life.

I all ready dream about love and romantic dinners. But also, a family and building a new life with a man that I will love.

So, I hope I am that Colombian Girlfriend you are dreaming about. I hope that we can find that good love that we are looking for so contact me. Hug Daniela


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