Colombian Girl
Colombian Girl

Colombian Girl – Maria

HI! I am a Colombian girl and my name is Maria. I am a Colombian girl that is here to find a boyfriend and a Husband.

So, I am a Colombian girl that for the most time lives on a big Cruise ship that travels along Soth American coastline. But I been to Europe and Skandinavia too.

I love my job and I get to see so much I don’t have a plan to stop to work. But I like to find a man that I maybe am like me.

Travel and come back and maybe have life in Colombia or? Maybe you have a ship Job or Oil or? I am open to try and see if it works.

So, I was lucky I get this job. But my uncle works for this company and the have a job open and he asks if I can get this job.

I love to travel and see new cities every day. I meet many new people and I love to make them happy and talk to the guests.

I am a Happy Colombian Girl that loves the sea. I stay about 1 month home in Colombia every January so it’s soon time to go home.

But I am lucky we have skype and internet on the ship. So, I can talk to mom every day also, I can talk to you and maybe we can speed date and plan a trip to Colombia.

I have all the time over for you and I live just down to the beach my family has a small hotel and a swimming pool.

So, what you think you and your Colombian Girlfriend? Contact me and let’s talk and try to find love and romantic feelings. Hug Maria


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