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Costa Rican Girl – Raquel

HI! My Name is Raquel and I am a Single Costa Rica Girl that looking for a good American man. It’s the first time I try a Latina dating site like this.

So, I am a Costa Rican Girl that come from a small village but now I work in Tamarindo in a hotel. I love to walk on the beach early in the morning before I start to work.

I love the life in Tamarindo the beach the sea and the fresh Costa Rican food. I love to see the Turtles and I love to try to go and diving in the sea.

Therefore, I hope Can be your Costa Rican Girl. I am a fun good Girl that love to be with friends and sometimes go to a party.

But I am a hard working Costa Rican Girl and I come to Tamarindo to help my family and give support to my younger sister that just start to go to school.

But now she have about one year left in school so soon i free to start my new life. I hope i can get marred to a good man.

So, are you a good man a gentleman that want to meet a Costa Rican Girl like me. A man that can see true love and see that a Girl have a heart to.

I been is a Latina dating site before and some guys are bad. They just think that Costa Rican Girls just is for sex and be a toy.

I not a Toy I am a real Girl with a heart. So, If you want a real Costa Rican Girlfriend I hope you can send me a message. Hope to talk to you soon Hug Raquel


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