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Costa Rica Girl

Costa Rican Girl – Sophie

HI! I am a Costa Rican Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend. So, I am a Single Costa Rican Girl and my name is Sophie.

My friend is telling me that online dating is the best way to meet a good man and find love. Just now I live in Puerto Limón that I love.

So, I have a job in a small hotel and I meet American guys some time. But sometimes I think they sometimes just want holiday romance.

But is not me. I can see that you maybe need to try if it will work to live together. And is why American Guys come for a holiday romance with a Costa Rican Girl.

Some of my friends have found true love this way. They move to America and find build a new life with a man of there dreams.

Do you have dreams of love? A big bed and make love? A holiday romance. It’s you looking for this? Can we start to talk online?

Therefore, I looking for a friendly man. A Happy man that loves to travel to Costa Rica and spend time down here in Costa Rica maybe you love the Beach or the Beer.

So, if you want a true relationship you most meet my family. Also, I love to show my family house and my family’s land.

I love to let you see mom and dad and my sister too. So, I hope That you love my story? If you like me to be your Costa Rican Girlfriend I hope you will send me a mail. Hug Sophie


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