Hi! I am Vanessa a Costa Rican Girl looking for you
Costa Rica Girl

Costa Rican Girl – Vanessa

Hi! I am Vanessa a Costa Rican Girl that is hoping you want me to be your Costa Rican Girlfriend. So, I live in Palma De Mallorca in Costa Rica.

So, my name Vanessa and I am the oldest in my family. I have 2 younger sisters that I live with, in a small house they hope I will find a boyfriend soon.

Ha Ha Ha, My sister hopes to get my room when I get a boyfriend and move to him. I think I need to find love fast so my sister doesn’t kill me Ha ha ha.

So, I am looking for a nice man friendly open and fun to be with and that talk a lot. That can talk to me and my friends.

I hope you love Costa Rican food and love to travel to Costa Rica. Also, I hope that it will be like your second home.

I also hope in time you will love me and my family, my sisters and my dad and mom too. So, Many think that we Latina Girls looking for an American guy.

But I don’t care American, European, or Canada is more the inside like your heart and your love to me. Your hug and that you care about me and all that.

So, Guys I here and I can be your Costa Rican Girlfriend. Send me a message and tell me something about you and your life and if you have a photo I will be happy. Hug Vanessa


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