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Cuban Girl

Cuban Girl – Maria

Hi! I am Maria and I am a Cuban Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am Maria a Cuban Girl that live in a small town not far away from Havana.

Also, I can tell you I live in a small house and I can see the sea every morning when I eat my breakfast in my kitchen.

I have a good life and I have a job in a gym I also work with motivation and rehabilitation. I love this part of my life to help people.

Now I help a guy to walk with prosthetic legs after a car accident. I love to find a guy that has a dream to work with this.

Maybe open a Clinic and a bed and breakfast may be for Americans or other Country. Also, You maybe love to move to Cuba and make a new life.

But I think we can start slow and in time build a future in Cuba for us. So, I am looking for a guy that is open and have a big heart that can listen to people.

A guy that gives 1000% in what he does and his dreams as I do in my job. Therefore, you cannot be a jealous guy.

Also, you must be able to see that a hug and a kiss and care of someone is not infidelity. I give love to all the people that I work with.

Also, I hope to meet a man that can laugh to a stupid guy in silence that dream about more. If I love a guy no one can change that. Hug Maria

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