Dominican Girl

Dominican Girl – Trixie

HI! I am a Dominican Girl and my name is Trixie. I am a Dominican Girl that come to try this new Latina Dating site that I finad.

My dream is to find love and a husband. I think you maybe come from Canada or America. So, what can I tell you about me?

I love to spend my time in my best friends pool. But when I don’t do that I spend my time on my work as a Bartender.

So, I do drinks to the Ladies and to the Guys for the most beers and whiskey. I love to make people happy but to see all romance and love is hard.

I want to find love and a husband and get that romantic feeling that all Girls want to have. So, I hope that you want to meet me.

Also, I hope that you that read this is looking for true love and a long time relationship. if you do that man I hope you want to talk to me.

And if you and I can talk a bit and we find love. I hope you want to meet me in the Dominican Republic. Maybe you have the plan to travel to the Dominican?

I don’t know but I hope I can find love and a good man that I dream about. So send me a mail so we can talk and see if we can find love. Hug Trixie

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