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Guatemalan Girl

Guatemala Girl – Debora

HI! I am a Guatemala Girl and my name is Debora. So, I looking for love and to be a good Guatemala Girlfriend to man.

I looking for that man that is a bit older and that wish to start a new life with someone that can give him love and if we are lucky a family.

I think I like to meet a man from America. But I am open to meet another guy’s from other countries if you are the right one.

Also, I like to tell you about me. I am an open Guatemala girl that love people and I love to do good thinks and listen to my friend.

So, I love art’s and I paint and I just begin to work with Silver jewelry. I hope it can be a future occupation for me.

Just now I have a job in a hotel and I think I have a good life. I still live home and I try to help mom and dad as much as I can.

I like all people we love mom and dad they are the most important in my life. So, I hope you will come to Guatemala to meet me and my mom and dad before we go to your country.

That is the only thing I have as my demands on you and that you are kind to me and my family when you come to meet me.

So, I am looking for a man that is fin and open and love to joke. Also, as I said before have a good heart and love listening to other people.

So, Can I be your Guatemala Girlfriend? Do you want to meet me in Guatemala? If you say YES I will be a happy Guatemala Girl that will open my heart to you. Hug Debora


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