Guatamala Girl thinks on love
Guatemalan Girl

Guatemala Girl – Maria

Hi! I am Maria a Guatemala Girl that looking for a Husband and love. So, I am a Single Guatemala Girl living in Tulate.

I have a job in a small hotel or maybe we can call it a guesthouse. So, I do bookings and I help guests to find the right room when they come.

So, sometimes we get guys from America and European Guys that are out on an adventure of there life. I just meet a guy like that.

So, he was traveling to meet his Guatemala Girlfriend for the first time. She was a sweet Guatemala Girl that I meet.

So, I was thinking if she can find love online on a dating site maybe I can too. So, I just come online and I find this web site Latina Single

I love it, it’s open and easy to tell a story I think. So, now I hope you let me post my story so I can meet a man that I can love.

So, I am open and I love to Joke and I love to meet new people. I always try to listen to people to get to know them a bit.

I love all the history people tell me. Like the guy and the shark, it was so exciting. The shark swimming around his surfboard In Mexico.

But the shark just swims away. like God tell that shark he does not taste good so go and look for something that tastes good ha ha ha a crazy story but good.

I have many more good stories that I can tell you. But I am here to find a man that I can love and not tell stories. So, contact me Hug Maria


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