Haitian-Girl looking for a Boyfriend
Haitian Girl

Haitian Girl – Vanessa

HI! I am Vanessa and I am a Haitian Girl. So, I am a Haitian Girl that love to find a Boyfriend and is why I come to LatinaSingleGirl.com

I have been looking around on the other dating sites the have here on the page Other Latina Dating List I have sing up for the Latina and the Caribbean one.

So, you can find me if you like. But I like to tell you about me. Also, as a Haitian Girl, I love the sea and the beach and I have a Job in a Hotel Bar and I do all the drinks.

So, I love my job and I get to meet a lot of people. I have many friends that come and talk to me. Sometimes I wish someone will tell me that He loves me.

He also says do you want to follow me to America or Germany. I have many dreams like this and I like to see if this dream can come true here online.

I don’t know much about the internet and dating but I have a friend that find that true love. But I hope that this will be a lucky place to make my story come out.

I looking for a friendly open man that love the Latina Girls and Haiti and that love the slow life and have his Haitian Girlfriend with him.

But I hope you love the beach and you want to eat fresh fish that I BQQ for you on the beach. So, I want to make you a happy man.

I will give you all my love and I want to kiss you and I want you to hug me. I wish I can be your dream Girlfriend big hug, Vanessa


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