Jamaican Girl
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Amelia

HI! I am a Jamaican Girl that is looking for an American Husband. So, I am Amelia a Jamaican Girl and hope this is the right place to find a guy for me.

I am a Jamaican Girl that has a job in a local company here in Jamaica. So, I work in the office and I do office work all from coffee to the budget and planning.

Also, I love my job and I been in America 2 times with my boss in an exhibition and to a meeting with a factory in America.

I love American Guys they are nice and polite. American guys is a dream man for me. I like that they work hard for the American dream.

I think my trip to America gives me a new look at an American man. So, I also see who bad American Girls are to you guys.

A real Girl is not like that. The man in my life will be the one I do anything for and I will support him with all my heart.

So, I am looking for a man that is nice to me and fun to be around maybe you love BBQ. I love to eat BBQ meat and I love French fries too.

I love to cook but I think I need a real man that can do BBQ and grill. So, do you love that and maybe a bit of beer you will make me a happy Jamaican Girl.

So, I love to cook and I hope you love Jamaican food? I will make you so happy every day if you want me to be your Jamaican Girlfriend. Hug Amelia


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