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Jamaican Girl – Amoy

HI! I am Amoy and I am young Jamaican Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am Amoy and I am a Jamaican Girl from Kingston that looking for you.

So, Like I say I am Amoy and I am the oldest of my sisters. I am the first in my family to find a husband and the love that every Girl dream about.

Also, I am a Reggae loving Girl that love to dance and sing. I love to do music and I sing about life and about my self I don’t do this to be a star.

So, I do it for my self and because I love to sing. I see people sing and put it on Youtube maybe I can do it but I don’t know.

Also, I love to meet a man that is into Music. You maybe loves Reggae or not I don’t care so much but maybe you can see the love for my music.

I love Bob Marley and His music. I know many people do that can be a start for us. We can talk about music and life and more that you love to talk about.

I am a Jamaican Girl that works a lot.  I do breakfast at a Hotel and I have a job in a club as a Bartender and Singer. So what I do I go from the club about 3 am and I go home and shower.

So, after I go to the hotel and start to cook food and make breakfast. Also, I clean a bit and I can go home and sleep.

This is my life a mix of music and job and I get some time in the day to spend with my sisters. Also, I can help my sisters with school and teach them a bit.

I want to say so much more but I think you maybe stop to read. So send me a message and let us talk. I will look more on all the other dating sites I find here. Hug Amore


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