Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Delyse

HI! Guys I am a Jamaican Girl and I looking for an American boyfriend. I am a Jamaican Girl that love my life and I work in a small pet shop.

My life is about Dogs and I love to train dogs. I just lose my dog he was old and it was time. So, I have a broken Heart and I miss him.

But life will continue and I been thinking is a good time to start a new life. Therefore, I think to try to find a new life.

I want to start a relationship, maybe get married to a guy that love dogs and animals. So, what more you must be fun and open and love to meet new people.

Also, I hope you like me like to travel. That you are easy to be around and that you are good to listen to me and the people around you.

I love my Animals but I love music and I love to dance. In my life I love speed and I love to smile and be with my friends.

That is me, So tell me about you what do you love to do more that Beers and Jamaican Girls Ha Ha Ha. Sorry, I joke a bit.

But I hope you are crazy in Jamaican Girls it’s a good step to start to love me. Also, I hope that you that see me send me a mail. Hug Delyse


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