Jamaican Girl
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Kenise

HI! I am a single Jamaican Girl and my name is Kenise. So, I am a Jamaican Girl live in Rio Bueno and I am looking for a boyfriend.

So, Some time I meet guys in the shop that I work in. So, Sometimes I meet foreign men in my shop and sometimes they have a Jamaican Girlfriend.

So, some days I get in that romantic mood and I start to dream about Love. To meet a guy like maybe you that read my story.

So, IT’S TIME I want to meet you a nice guy that dreams about love and a Jamaican GirlFriend that can love you with all her heart.

So, I maybe work too much but it’s what I love to do. I spend my money on my sister’s daughter and my mom and dad the people I love most in my life.

But I love the beach and I love to go and swim with my niece and I spend much of time together. So, I have been dreaming of a daughter of my own.

But I need a family and I need a man and I need to get married. So, ha ha ha I really need some help. I need to find a romantic man.

Also, I hope I can find a man that loves to joke and love to play games. I looking for a man that loves family and family life.

Maybe also love to have ….. and romantic night with flowers and wine all that. Please contact me and tell me about you and what you love about Jamaica. Hug Kenise


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