Jamaican Girl looking for love
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Merdyce

HI! I am Merdyce and I am a Jamaican Girl that hope that I can find a Boyfriend. So, I am Merdyce a Jamaican Girl that live in Treasure Beach.

Also, my family lives here and we have a bar and restaurant that my family has. I love my life and maybe I can find a boyfriend with an American tourist.

But I don’t think is a good way to follow a man to a hotel. Therefore, I go online to find real love and get a man that is truly in love with me.

So, I give you a chance to meet me online, here on Latina Single Cupid. Also, I have been looking at other Latia Dating sits and I find some new that I didn’t know.

So, maybe I try one of them later so you guys can look on them too for me. But for now It’s just Latina Single Cupid and I think is a good beginning.

I looking for a good man that is looking for a long time relationship with a Fun, Happy, Young Jamaican Girl that is open to beginning a new life outside Jamaica.

But I looking for a man that loves Jamaican life and Jamaican food. Because I think I mostly have my food where I live in my new country.

So, About you, I hope you are fun and open to new friends and a new culture and friendly. So, I hope you are willing to spend time in Jamaica too.

I believe is a give and take in love. I will spend a lot of time with your family but you will have a new family in Jamaica too. In time you will love I hope. Hug Merdyce


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