A Single Jamaican Girl
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Requiem

Hi! I am a Jamaican Single Girl and I wish to find my future Husband. So, I am a Jamaican Girl and my name is Requiem and I am a 24 years old Jamaican Girl.

So, I am on the look for my first real boyfriend.  Also, I have been a young Jamaican Girl I get the first kiss already but I have so much to give.

I have been looking at internet datings like this or this big Latina or Caribbean dating sites but I think is so many Latina Girls.

Many Latina Girls are like me that just want to find that nice man.  So, I hope that this small Latina dating site will be the best way for me.

But I hope you are also on the look for that Latina Girlfriend of your dream. So, I hope you are a sweet good man that has a big heart of love.

Therefore, I  hope you are a man that I can give all my love too.  Also, I can make your days like a dream a morning breakfast that will give you a good beginning.

I will give you that lunch box that makes your working friend Jeoulus. So, After a long day, you will come home to me. I will be the caring Girlfriend that give you a hug.

I will ask you about your day and give you my love. Also, We will eat something good and maybe a glass of wine and talk about the day.

This can be you and me, My love for my future husband I will do this and you know I love to cook food I love to keep my home clean and I love flowers in my home. Hug Requiem



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