Jamaican Girl looking for a Husband
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Tyonna

HI! I am Tyonna A young Jamaican Girl that have dreams about Love. So, I like to find my husband Here on Latina Single Girl.

I also look at the other dating sites they have here on Latina Single Girl. Maybe I try some more Latina Dating sites later.

But for now, I just want to try this place to see if I can find the love I want. I hope to find a sweet man that I can dream about and love with all of my heart.

So, I am a Jamaican Girl my dad give me the name Tyonna I have 3 brothers so I am dads little Girls mom love my brothers more.

I have a brother in America, he lives in Miami with his American Wife. So, I hope I can find A American Man that live in Miami or in Florida.

So, what I hope for is to meet an American man that I can build a life with. But also have a relationship with my brother in Miami.

I don’t want to live next door to them. They have there life and I don’t want to live there life. So, I want my life but maybe you live in a city so we can go like on a week end trip?

Also, I want to stand on my own legs. So, I want to show my family that I can start a family and I can work hard and I hope you as my husband and I will be a winning team.

I have a love to cook Jamaican food but my job in Jamaica is dental hygiene that is a good job and I think I can work with this in America.

So, What do you dream about? tell me and tell me about your life. Make me a happy Girl, Make me love you and open my heart to you. Hug Tyonna


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