Mexican Girl
Mexican Girl

Mexican Girl – Sacha

Hola! I am a Mexican Girl and my name is Sacha. So, I am a Teacher here in Mexico. But I am also a Single Mexican Girl that wants to meet a man.

So, I am a Teacher in History and Geography but also sometimes Mathematics. So, I love to see the children learn and gain greater knowledge.

But I have a dream to find a man that will marry me. I dream about love and a small family. Also, I love to find a man that believes in God.

So, I come here I see many Latina Girls try their luck here. I hope there are many guys that come and look for love on this Latina Dating site.

But On my day off I love to walk around and do some shopping. I love to cook Mexican food so I hope you love Mexican food.

Also, I hope my cooking will make you happy. So, I see a story about love. The girl in the love story cooks some food the guys love to grow into true love.

I am a romantic Mexican Girl so all these love stories make my heart happy. So, I have some Ides about my future Husband.

He most is fun and opens and love to joke. I love a man that loves food and maybe wine and a beer are okay too I love a beer some time too.

But all most all Mexican drinks Tequila we have it in the blood a party needs some Tequila In Mexico we have a lot of brands.

So, I love to try new brands. But I think I have a small collection of 20 brands now. So, do you want a Mexican Girlfriend that loves Tequila? Contact me. Hug Sacha


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