Mexican Girl
Mexican Girl

Mexican Girl – Teresa

HI! Guys, I am a Mexican Girl that is single and looking for true love. So, I am a Mexican Girl that looking for a boyfriend.

So, I am Teresa a good Mexican Girl that love to talk to people. I work with a cruise ship so I talk Spanish and English and a bit of French that I just start to learn.

My Company has school but I also find frenchpod101 that I learn a lot on. So, I am a happy Girl that love to learn new things.

I love to cook and I love to cook Latin American Food and some American food I like too. Also, I love to look at Youtube and I love spicy food.

I have been trying Asian Food after that Asian week on my cruise ship that I work on. Also, I love all the Chilli that Thai Food has.

Maybe I can meet an American – Thai Guy ha ha ha that in maybe a long shot but you never know. So, I don’t care so much where you live.

Just that you are nice to me. That you have a big heart and that you love food as much as me. Also, That you let me cook some food so I can feel like a lady.

Maybe I look like a sweet Girl with no brain big boobs but I am so much more. My body is for love. My brain is to make you happy and have somebody to talk to.

I believe that you need both if a relationship will work. Therefore, I hope you are a man that thinks that your Mexican Girlfriend needs a brain. Hug Teresa

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