Puerto Rican Girl – Amaia

Hi! I am a Puerto Rican Girl that looking for an American man. So, I am a single Puerto Rican Girl that start to look for an American Boyfriend online.

Therefore, I am so happy I found this Latina Dating site. and I will be one of the first Puerto Rican Girls that try the luck on this Latina dating site.

So, I am a Puerto Rican Girl that is funny and I love to talk to people around me. I have a job at a local cafe that just open.

My boss just moves from the USA to start his new life with his Puerto Rican Wife. They are 60 years old and been married for the last 25 years.

They are so sweet and have so much love. You can see it in there eyes. It really shines like a sun of love. I wish I have that love.

My Boss name is Peter he been pushing me a bit. He says that that man that will get me will be a happy man. I don’t know what he means by that?

But I hope really hope I can make a single man happy and to give my love to him. I hope I can make my family proud and find a man that wants to marry me.

I hope a can find a man that believe in God and believe in marry a Girl and have a long life together as they say in Cantonese forever together.

Ha ha ha I hope that it is right Mr google helps me a bit my English is ok but no good ha ha ha. Please send me a mail I have skype and Viber on my mobile. Hug Amaia

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