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Hot Brazilian Girls online

HI! Guys, I am a Clara a Hot Single Brazilian Girl that wants to meet an American guy. So, I live in Rio de Janeiro and I am a Hot Brazilian Beach Girl.

So, I do a lot of thinks all from modeling to selling thinks on the beach. Guys love to buy sunglasses from a Hot Brazilian girl.

So, I love the beach but in the evenings I help in a night club that my friend owns. I work as a bartender and I mix drinks all night.

I have a great life and I make good money with my tips. But it is time to try to find a guy that wants a Hot Girl as his Brazilian Girlfriend.

So, I looking for a man that still lives the party life but is planning to get a family in 2 or 3 years' time and want to have a long time relationship.

Also, I hope that you are that man that can and will support a family. I believe in the old tradition. That the man is the boss and that the wife is the wife.

I will keep you and your friends happy with food and beer. I will keep the home good looking and I will make you happy as a wife will.

So, what you believe in? what you want from a Sexy Brazilian Girl like me. Fun and play with my boobs yes many guys love and dreams about that.

I know you can make it happen. I can be your Toy and you and I will have so much time if you want. You just need to come online and talk to me. Hug Clara


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