A Dominican Dream Beach Girl

A Dominican Dream Beach Girl

A Dominican Dream Beach Girl

Hi! Guys A new A Dominican Dream Beach Girl find Latina Single Cupid today. So, She is the one that can change your life in many ways.

A Dominican Dream Beach Girl I am Anne

HI! Guys, I am A A Dominican Dream Beach Girl that waiting for that true love that we all are waiting for. I am A part Dominican and My dad was from Germany.

So, He hades a Car accident 4 years ago and dies in Germany. That is life but I can talk English and German and I am a lucky A Dominican Girl, I can travel.

So,I like to change my life I want to do like my mom marry a good man. I not sure if I will live in America or Europe.

I love Germany too but I am not sure where life will take me. Also, I don’t know where you live that wants to date me.

But I can not be that A Dominican Dream Beach Girl all my life. I like, The bible says Love to make children and all that.

So, I want 100 of me running around me and doing great thinks. Ha Ha Ha 100 children were too much but I think you understand what I think.

I have not been in a real relationship before but I been talking to my mom and she says it is hard work. You must give and take and not give up.

I think I will give this 100% and I will give you 100% if my Heart. So, I hope I can meet a good guy that is fun and open and love the Dominican.

I believe it will be where we spend the vacations we will have. I believe I most give up the Dominican life for love and a new life. Hug Emma


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