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Colombian Girl

Colombia Girl – Catalina

HI! I am a Single Colombia Girl and my name is Catalina. So, I come here to find me a boyfriend and I love this website that gives me more space.

So, I am a Single Colombia Girl and my name is Catalina but my friends call me Cat. Yes, I am a Cat lover and when I was a Young Colombian Girl I was crazy in Cats.

That stuck on me so now I am Cat I have only 2 cats now but I live in an apartment. It is not like in my family village where I grow up.

Just now I work as a guide for tourist groups. I just have a group of Americans guys that com on my Tourist bus and I talk care for a day.

They were looking for Colombian Girlfriends but at the same time the like to see Colombia and the City and some small Colombian villages.

We have a good day and I was thinking about love and to meet a good man like this. So, I learn that most guys were members of a dating site.

So, now I am online to look for a husband and to see if this will work. Also, I hope that I can find a gentleman that is good to me.

I am a Colombian Girl that love flower and I love a man that is a bit romantic. So, do you want to meet me and make me be your Colombian Girlfriend? Hug Cat


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