Sweet Cuban Girl looking for love
Cuban Girl

Cuban Girl – Benita

HI! I am a Cuban Girl that looking for a boyfriend and a Husband. So, I am a Cuban Girl and my name is Benita is my Grandmom that gives me the name Benita.

She loves that name it’s was her sister’s name. So, I am a single Cuban Girl that is looking for an American or a European Guy.

But I been trying dating online one time before. I was younger and I think I was too young to see that I mostly work on love.

I have been living for a short time in Germany. It’s was 5 years ago I get to try a new life a new culture and a new way to see my life.

I was an 18 year old Cuban Girl that just see his money and his big home. But not all the time he spends on his work and all that.

Also, all the cleaning and cooking and shop. I just think I just was too young and stupid and you need love to make it work.

So, I think I learn a lot from that time. But now I want true love that is my dream. I love to find a man that doesn’t work 18 hours a day.

Also, you don’t need to have a BMW 760. But I love that car. So, I can work I talk English and German and I can cut hair and fix nails.

I hope my honesty and openness will make you understand that this time is for real. So, I am ready to find a man that wants to build a future with me.

Also, tell me a bit about your life story and what you do and your dreams. So, I look for a man that is ready for a family. Hug Benita


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