Honduras Girl hope to find a boyfriend
Honduras Girl

Honduras Girl – Emy

Hi! I am Emy and is a Honduras Girl that looking for my future Boyfriend. So, I see I am the first Honduras Girl that is on Latina Single Cupid.

So, I hope it will give me big luck. Also, I hope you think I am sweet and sexy and you love my name Emy too. So, you come and look for me online.

First, I was just planning to be a free member of one or both dating sites I see here. But I was thinking is not a bad place to put a story on.

So, I hope you come and look for me here or on the other Latina dating sites that they have here. So, I am a Honduras Girl that live in the city.

I am a Honduras Girl that love music and I love to go to the church. I also love to be with my friends and I love to cook food.

Also, I love Youtube because you can find so much good info about how to do. You will see how to do it and I have fun to cook something new for my family.

So, I love flowers and I love to take care of my family garden. I still live with my family but I am feeling that is time to get my own family.

So, I looking for a man that dreams about a son or a daughter and a wife and family. If you are a man that is fun and open and have a big heart?

I love to meet you and see if we can find friendship and build on it. So, I believe love will come in time so send me a message. Hug Emy


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