Jamaican Girl looking for love
Jamaican Girl

Jamaican Girl – Gabby

HI! I am Gabby A Jamaican Girl that is single. So, I am a Jamaican Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend and a guy with a big heart that I can love.

So, I am a Jamaican Girl that live a bit from the city. But I have a small house close to the beach and we have like a small forest on the backside of the house.

Also, I love to spend my time on the beach. I love to do some fishing and take the fresh fish home to do some BQQ and a glass of wine.

I love to sit outside on the night. To see on the stars and listen on the wave from the beach. I love my life is good but a bit lonely. I have the sea and the stars.

But no one that can hug me. No one that can be romantic with me and drink wine. So, I need a man that has all that I am looking for.

So, are you that man with the big hart and all that romantic stuff that I love? Are you into fishing and maybe you love a beer on the beach is okay for me.

I hope you are all this and maybe more. If you are American or not I don’t care so much as long that you love Jamaica.

I hope you been in Jamacia and that you maybe learn some small words Jamaican that is a plus for me. Also, I hope that you love Jamaican food.

So, I can cook and make you happy. they say the way to a man’s heart is the food and I have some spice to make you fall in love with me ha ha ha. Hug Gabby

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