Costa Rica Girl

Costa Rican Girl – Dani

HI! I am a Single Costa Rican Girl That looking for an American Boyfriend. My name is Dani and I am a Costa Rican Girl that love to talk to people.

I have a boring job in an office is not much to talk about. But The good is we have free internet. So, I can talk a bit on Facebook with my friends.

So, I think we can talk online a bit when I work. Also, I want to talk first to be a friend and later when I fell you are the man for me.

We can start to talk sweeter and see what will happen. I hope this is a step to a long time Relationship.

Therefore, I Hope that you are feeling like me. I am open to meet you in Costa Rican and travel a bit with you if you want it.

Costa Rica is a nice place to be in all from good food to the nature we have. I live in the city now but when I grow up, I live in a small Island.

So, I love fishing and walk in nature. I believe is important for us to save it and take care of over wildlife in Costa Rica.

My dream is to work with wildlife. But I don’t know what to do. So, If I can find a man that in into Nature and animals I would be happy Costa Rican Girl.

So, Are you ready for some Costa Rican Love? Send me a mail so we can talk and see if we can find friendship and love in time. Hug Dani maybe your Costa Rican Girlfriend


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